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Our workshop is equipped with DynoProject 4WD DP4L – SYNCHRO witch allows us to run load  measurements of power and torque on 2WD (front or rear axis) and 4WD cars. In addition, this dynamometer model synchronizes the speed of both axles, which are necessary to carry out measurements in vehicles equipped with traction control systems.
Technical data:


  • maximum speed  of 288 km/h
  • maximum torque at wheels 1300 NM (per axle)
  • maximum torque at flywheel 1000 NM (per axle)
  • maximum power 900 HP (per axle)
  • maximum wheel track 2100 mm
  • minimum wheel track 700 mm
  • maximum wheel base 3350 mm (for 4WD wehicles)
  • minimum wheel base 2350 mm (for 4WD wehicles)